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The Benefits of Using A Local Lender

I am asked all the time which is better a local lender or online?

Personally speaking, I think local lenders are the wiser choice. It is stressful enough buying a home, what any home Buyer wants and needs are professionals who know and understand the local markets. That is why it is important to have lenders who know the area you are buying in.

Established Relationships With A Realtor

Most Realtors have a good solid working relationship with lenders in the area. This is particularly important now with our hot, fast-paced market. Buyers are moving quickly and lenders have to keep up with that pace. Typically, your local lenders, especially those that have established Realtor relationships will have extended hours into the evening and weekends. Having the one on one, face to face in person interactions makes the chances of mistakes or miscommunications far less likely.

Getting A Personal Touch

When you call an 800 number or go online there is a lot of anxiety attached to those interactions. The biggest complaint I have heard from Buyers is they never speak to the same person twice and have to explain the same thing over and over again. By using a local lender you can avoid customer service lines manned by teams of computers with voice activated prompts. By going local, you'll have the cell phone of your lender so you can call or text them directly!

Overflowing With Knowledge

By working with a local lender, you a pairing up with a licensed loan officer and a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to be experts in the region you are buying into. Not sure which loan type is right for you? They will help you choose they right loan type for your particular needs and circumstances and work diligently to ensure everything is taken care. Your local lender is also your neighbor, so they are more than willing to go the extra mile for you, their customer!

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