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The Great Paint Debate!

As a REALTOR® I hear lots of conversations as I walk through the houses with my Buyers, but sometimes, nothing will lead to a bigger debate than what color to paint the walls!

His wants vs her NEEDS!

I often smile to myself when I hear these conversations. The husband says "I really want a pale grey or a beige." whereas the wife counters with "I NEED a vibrant, cheery color to brighten the room." This leads to a very "colorful" exchange between them and where the art of diplomacy kicks into high gear. I usually stay out of these exchanges unless I am directly asked, then I will take into consideration the size of space, amount of light and it's use. If it is a shared space, I tend to lean towards the paler wall color to please him, but with wall art, throw pillow and accent pieces to please her.

If the space is an otherwise generic space like the laundry area, I suggest they have a little fun with it, vs the kitchen keeping it a space both parties can enjoy. It's all about compromising to enjoy the best of everything!

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