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Shout Out To My Small Business Friends!

First, none of these companies or people are paying for exposure, and don't offer a

commission or any sort of payment of any kind to be mentioned in this blog.

I wanted to start giving weekly "Shout Outs" to those who run a small business or do a side business. Running small businesses is not easy, especially during the pandemic. Some small businesses shuttered for months, some permanently. For those that did survive, the worry was constant that they wouldn't. They had to get creative in the difficult times the pandemic gave us and made the best of such a complicated situation.

My first Shout Out goes to hairstylist Whitney Buckner.

During the shutdown, she struggled to take care of her three children. Yes, she like millions of others received unemployment, but Whitney is not one to sit around, she is a hard-working, self reliant woman who was used to taking care of her children herself. Once the main constraints of the pandemic had eased, she warmly welcomed her customers back.

COVID had changed everything and made us wary and weary with all the new restrictions and mandates. Thankfully, Whitney's cheerful personality and amazing customer care made you momentarily forget all the outside stressors making you feel relaxed and normal again.

After months of isolation, it was more than a welcome experience just to see her, get some overdo pampering while getting your hair done and chew the fat with someone who genuinely makes you feel like family!

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